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Website evolution for architects Wilkinson Eyre.

2005 and

Project management, copywriting, content development,
creative concept


Free: was involved with the evolution of Wilkinson Eyre’s website over a number of years, and its various incarnations reflect rapid changes in digital culture and technology. The first site was Flash based, enabling a large number of high quality images to be shown, and incorporated gentle transitions between them to create a relaxed feel for the user. Sliding navigation panels used the same movement and minimised clutter in the viewing pane.

Only limited areas of the site were content managed, and so a microsite called ‘Topic’ was introduced two years after the initial site went live, enabling key stories and projects to be uploaded and accessed direct from the home page.

Five years on, and the site was redeveloped to accommodate a vastly increased amount of content. Much of the look and feel of the first site was retained, but reinterpreted to provide users with more intuitive navigation and to improve searchability. The site had a more fluid internal architecture, allowing users to navigate projects by theme and idea as well as building typology.

Since’s Free:’s last involvement, the site has been redeveloped further with a more fluid layout and improved interactivity.