A handbook for practice.

Editorial, copywriting



Haptic Architects celebrated its tenth birthday in 2019 by ‘opening the kitchen drawer’ and taking a long, hard look at the way that it goes about its architectural practice. Founded by four friends, and operating between offices in Oslo and London, Haptic has a distinctly Scandinavian character and an optimistic approach.

Unusually, The Haptic Way focuses on practice rather than projects, bringing together a number of common threads that run through the work: an interest in collaboration, a broad field of reference, and an interest in the haptical qualities of material. It accompanies the founders through a gruelling business masterclass, compares quantitative and qualitative aspects of the Hapticians’ working environment, and talks to key members of the Haptic network, before presenting the studio’s working methodology as a visual essay.

The book was designed by BOB Design and published by Haptic in June 2019.


Images with thanks to BOB Design