st bartholomew fair

Opening event for the 2006 London Architecture Biennale.

Curation of Knitting Site and other installations, event organisation, artist liaison, Secret Sketch stall





This event recreated the historic St Bartholomew Fair at Smithfield in London’s Clerkenwell, a street market and traditional fair forming the backdrop to a range of public installations and performances to open the Biennale.

One of the most spectacular installations was the Knitting Site, a full-size knitted house created from construction tape and bin liners. Children were invited to knit flowers and grass for the surrounding ‘garden’ throughout the day. Elsewhere, the Secret Sketch stall sold anonymous back-of-an-envelope sketches by some of the world’s leading architects in aid of the Maggies cancer care charity. Other installations included micro-art on the pavements, a temporary pavilion by River Cottage and ‘urban sofas’ upholstered in real grass.

Chik 2.JPG
Market 4.JPG