rock pools

Marketing and communications strategy for a second-generation architectural practic.

Brand development, strategic and communications planning, copywriting





Following a merger and subsequent de-merger, these clients - a ‘start-up with a story’ - needed help to redefine their direction and develop a strategy for communications and new business. A critical task was to address the siloed nature of the office, identifying ways that the ‘rock pools’ between each silo could be charted.

Free: collaborated with AreBe to develop a central brand idea for the practice, drawing from its heritage as a pioneering office architect as well as the youthful energy of their reborn studio. A series of core messages and design stories were developed to qualify the central idea, and these built out into a marketing strategy and a series of recommendations for further action.

Free: then worked on the initial implementation stages of the strategy, which included a rationalisation of the corporate identity and a detailed communications plan.