New scotland yard

A book about the Met Police’s newest Scotland Yard.

Editorial, copywriting, picture research, project management



New Scotland Yard is the first of FifthMan’s ‘Minigraphs’, a series of small books giving context to the design and commissioning of a single building.

This book tells the story of the Metropolitan Police Service’s return to an earlier ‘Scotland Yard’ on Victoria Embankment in central London – a neoclassical building designed by William Curtis Green in the 1930s and remodelled nearly eighty years later by architects Allford Hall Monaghan Morris.

It describes in detail the context to the project – the rich heritage of the Met, the history of the site and its prominent location on the River Thames – and the design thinking behind its contemporary reworking. The book reflects the refurbishment, a simply bound exterior giving way to more exuberant use of colour within.

The book was designed by BOB Design and published by FifthMan in April 2017; New Scotland Yard received the Prime Minister's Better Public Building Award in October of the same year.