A book about two streets which became a place.

Editorial, copywriting


George House, completed by architects Stiff+Trevillion for the Cadogan Estate in 2016, is no ordinary office. Replacing two 1960s buildings in the heart of Chelsea, it effectively has two fronts: a more formal elevation onto Sloane Street, and a more relaxed face onto Pavilion Road. Here, a former traffic rat-run has been replaced by 'a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker': a mews of artisanal shops and restaurants, sandwiched from the main building by a sunken, landscaped courtyard.

Two streets; one place, written and edited by Free: and made in close collaboration with the practice and BOB Design, tells the story of the project in three parts: thinking, making and using. With an emphasis on personal narratives, it describes how the project has brought life back to a forgotten street. It also considers the context of the building, and the challenges of designing an unashamedly contemporary structure in red-brick Hans Town.