founders’ statement

State of the nation for an employee-owned trust.




Architect Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) became an employee-owned trust (EOT) in 2018. This statement, written by the four founders for the new trustees, sets out a vision for practice: how to work in alliance, what makes good architecture, and how ambition has driven the growth of the company.

As well as providing a blueprint for the new EOT, the statement also marks the thirtieth anniversary of the practice. It draws cues for its design from the founders’ first work in collaboration – The Fifth Man, a shared thesis written for their diploma in 1989 which looked at the possibilities of collective working – and from an early photograph of the foursome. Shot by photographer Mel Yates, the image has been retaken thirty years on, in more relaxed attitude and with the empty background of the original photograph ‘filled in’ with the interior of the studio, which now employs around five hundred staff.


Images with thanks to BOB Design