The story of 81-87 Weston Street

Editorial, copywriting, project management



This small book, created for FifthMan with client Solidspace and designer Abrahams, tells the story of a slow architecture, developed between AHMM’s Simon Allford and developer Roger Zogolovitch over almost 15 years. The product of this unhurried, iterative thinking is 81-87 Weston Street, a small-scale, finely tailored development of apartments in London’s Southwark which place volume – via a split section – at the centre of the design.

Reflecting the philosophy and character of the Weston Street project, the book is itself a collection of volumes, a series of essays which explore the work from differing angles. These are sandwiched with a short photo essay and architectural drawings, the whole following a restrained palette and elegant, minimal design reminiscent of a poetry book.

The book was published by FifthMan in June 2018.

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