Anything but Grey

Public installation by Wilkinson Eyre’s Part I students for the London Festival of Architecture in 2008.

Concept, project management, PR

This temporary installation, designed with the support of Islington Council’s Greenspace team, was intended to draw attention to a small and precious green space next to Wilkinson Eyre’s offices and acted as the catalyst for its recent reinvigoration.

The students created a vivid folded structure which sat over the top of a disused park- keeper’s hut, forming a striking contrast to the surrounding planting. A system of mirrored light-catchers and spyholes brought the delicate patterns of the tree canopy inside the hut. 

Conceived as a design challenge for the Part 1 students, Anything but Grey was the first built project that many of the team had completed, and received a Special Mention in the 2009 Design Week Awards.