A Promise of Living

A book about photography, architecture and red dirt.

Editorial, copywriting, picture research, project management





In 2015, photographer Tim Soar was commissioned by architects Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) to document the projects emerging from its Oklahoma City office. For Tim, OKC is a city only to be survived by ‘ingenuity and grit’ and, four visits later, his images chart not only AHMM's fledgling practice but also his struggle, as a photographer, with the dramatic contrasts of the local light and climate.

The resulting book is a tribute to a fascinating city and all things AHMMericana, and celebrates the promise of living deep-rooted in the American landscape. Wrapped in blue denim, it references the carefully-inked ledger books kept in the city’s early days, and includes stories by AHMM founder Simon Allford and OKC journalist Steve Lackmeyer alongside Tim’s photographs.

The book was designed by Graphic Thought Facility and published by FifthMan in April 2017.